Microsoft recently released another helpful plugin for the deployment of Java apps to Azure. With the latest Maven plugin, the developers can now deploy or redeploy the Java based web applications over Linux Azure App Service or that of Windows App Service with a couple of easy to understand steps. The Azure App Service is entrusted with the jobs like providing a managed web app environment for your application to run smoothly on Azure. The only thing developer needs to worry about is the code of the app. For the record, the App services are usually meant to handle:

  • Provisioning of the environment.
  • Load balancing of the application.
  • Auto-scaling.
  • Application’s health monitoring.

Along with the app services monitoring all the above-mentioned tasks, the final call is yours as the developer holds an authoritative position as the administrator. Since there is a pre-settled environment available for the application, you can customize the settings and can create a custom layout for your application as well.

maven and azure

Steps of Deployment:

The very first step is to create a spring boot application via the following line of code:

$ git clone -b private-registry


The next thing to do is to change the directory:

$ cd gs-spring-boot-docker/complete


Next, you should add a Service Principal and also the credentials for your Docket Registry to the Maven settings.xml. The last step involves building the app and containerize like usual. Deploy the application to Azure App Service and you are good to go.

$ mvn clean package docker:build -DpushImage azure-webapp:deploy

Where to Get the Maven Plugin:

As a resource, you can find the Maven plugin by following this link: