Communication privacy and security are the major demands of the enterprises as they want to gather their employees and partners at the place where no malicious entity can enter. A layered approach is the most preferred option that keeps them safe in the case of technology or potential failure. Azure offers Firewalls and Virtual Networks for Azure Storage which offers authentication capabilities of Azure Storage and gives them control over the users who have access to the data.

Virtual Network Service Endpoints allows the users to create network rules to ensure the safety of the data while the Virtual network and subnet create a secure boundary against the data. The administrator can decide whether or not he wants to give access to on-premises networks and internet traffic to the data by using network rules. Azure Portal, CLIv2, Manager Templates, and Azure Resource are the platforms from where you can manage your customized rules.

East US, WEST Central US, WEST US, WEST US2, Australian Southeast, and Australian East are the areas where users can get Azure Storage Firewalls and Virtual Networks service and they can  Configure Azure Storage Firewalls and Virtual Networks.