CloudMonix in the Azure Marketplace

CloudMonix makes its debut in the Azure Marketplace!

Effective immediately, Azure customers can sign up and purchase CloudMonix monitoring and automation platform thru the Azure Marketplace.  Subscribing to CloudMonix thru the Marketplace gives users ability to log into CloudMonix directly thru the Azure portal.  Teams will also appreciate simplified billing experience, as payments for CloudMonix will be handled by Microsoft along side their Azure payments.

Regretfully, existing customers cannot migrate their accounts to the Marketplace.

To subscribe to CloudMonix via Azure Marketplace, users will need to add a new resource in Azure portal and search for CloudMonix.  Picking the “Free” plan by default gives users a 14-day trial to all of the features of the product (basically the Ultimate version).

Cloudmonix Search Azure Marketplace

After successful provisioning of CloudMonix in Azure portal, users will need to click on the Manage hyperlink and complete the registration.  Subsequent clicks on the Manage hyperlink will auto-login into CloudMonix

CloudMonix Manage