Azure HDInsight is a fully managed portal with cloud Apache Hadoop and it offers various benefits to the users. The major benefits include the optimization of open source clusters for Kafta, HBase, Spark, MapReduce, Microsoft R Server, and Hive by 99.9% SLA. The expansion of HDInsight Application Platform has come up some more benefits and allows the users to start self-service data preparation. The platform helps the business customers to run raw data on the basis of given information and get fast insights with the help of HDInsight. The combination of Paxata and HDInsight saves the customers’ time by providing them opportunities for faster gain insights while running an enterprise-ready platform.

Features of Paxata Self-Service Data Preparation  

Adaptive Information Platform is used to build Paxata Self-Service Data Preparation application which allows businessmen to combine structured and unstructured data to publish from any destination. Following are some useful benefits of Adaptive Information Platform.

  1. It’s easy to use and customers require no coding to use it. The interactive and user-friendly interface makes the use easy for the non-technical customers.
  2. Algorithms are highly intelligent and they help the user to add datasets and normalize the values of the data sets. It is unified information platform and provides one solution for the data quality and data integration.
  3. Elastic scalable support and powered by the Spark-based engine are the other features of Adaptive information platform.

The image exhibits the data delivering process of Paxata Information Platform and it shows the how the process has become so seamless and scalable.

Azure HDInsight has simplified everything for the users and they don’t need to open up any port. Business customers can easily access the data using the secure gateway.

How to Start Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform on HDInsight?

To start Paxata’s Adaptive Information platform, you need to create an HDInsight 3.6 cluster while using Apache Spark 2.1. During the installation process, the person has the liberty to choose Paxata as an application for the new cluster or use the existing cluster to accomplish the requirements. Here is how you can install HDInsight Spark cluster.

Browse the application blade inside the HDInsight after completing the installation of Paxata’s Adaptive Information Platform.