Integrate Pagerduty with CloudMonix

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Happy teams resolve problems faster and more effectively.  PagerDuty keeps support teams happy by providing clear and fair alert escalation policies and schedules. PagerDuty allows for quicker resolution of alerts across all monitoring systems in the enterprise.

CloudMonix provides tight API integration with PagerDuty service. IT Administrators can rely on knowing the latest state of their CloudMonix and other alerts via PagerDuty integration

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Pagerduty Integration Features

Trigger and Resolve Events

CloudMonix sends trigger events to PagerDuty when alerts are raised and automatically resolves events when alerts are no longer active.

Tight Integration

CloudMonix administrators can stay in full control over PagerDuty-CloudMonix integration. Ability to publish alerts only from particular sources, or only with particular severities and only to particular PagerDuty services is supported.

Technical Details

CloudMonix keeps raised alerts synchronized with PagerDuty.

  • Trigger and Resolve individual alerts
  • Support for multiple PagerDuty services
  • Passing of de-duplication information to limit noise
  • API integration

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