Microsoft SQL Azure Database Management

Microsoft Azure SQL Database, also known as SQL Azure, is a scalable database-as-a-service that provides familiar SQL-Sever-like capabilities to applications running in Azure cloud.

CloudMonix can monitor and automate SQL Azure by querying Dynamic Management Views, visualizing important performance metrics, exposing slowest queries, executing custom SQL scripts, and more.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Availability Monitoring

Be the first to know if any slow-downs or outages prevent connectivity to your SQL Azure database. Do not wait for customers or your boss to report a problem.

Optimize performance

It is important that your system is running optimally. Know which queries are performing the slowest and fix them before they become a problem.

Session Management

It is important to know who is connecting to your database. Keep track of connection counts, open sessions, and more.


Everyone’s needs are particular. Define and track custom SQL metrics and trigger execution of custom SQL queries.

SQL Azure Database Monitoring

CloudMonix keeps constant tabs on your most important asset: the database.  It demystifies utilization of SQL Azure performance tiers, database throughput units (DTUs), visualizes important metrics and tracks slowest areas.

  • Track CPU, Read/Write utilizations and other key performance indicators
  • Know when maximum capacity is being reached
  • Be alerted of any outages, blocking queries or system slowdowns

SQL Azure Database Automation

CloudMonix’s automation features for Microsoft Azure SQL Databases allow you to setup pre-programmed activities that are always at work to keep your database at optimal levels.

  • Rebuild indexes
  • Run maintenance jobs
  • Execute custom SQL scripts

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