Azure Linux Virtual Machines Management

linux virtual machine monitoring
Azure Virtual Machines is an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud platform that allows users to deploy self-managed Windows and Linux virtual machines onto Microsoft Azure. CloudMonix extends this by providing sophisticated mechanisms to monitor, auto-scale and automate Azure Linux VMs.

CloudMonix hooks into Azure Diagnostics to provide insight into a wide variety of key performance indicators, syslogs and more.  CloudMonix allows users to automate numerous recovery procedures thru its integration with Azure Management API and Azure Automation.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix


Scale in real-time with your demand. Power up extra servers automatically as demand increases and drop them when it decreases.

Crash Recovery

It is important that your whole system is up and running together. Gain peace of mind with auto restart of crashed processes.


Improve system stability and reliability. Auto detect issues and trigger reboots or self-healing Automation Runbooks when applications hang or misbehave.

Memory Handling

Save costs and automate shutdown and startups of infrequently used Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines Monitoring

CloudMonix provides a powerful set of monitoring features for Microsoft Linux Virtual Machines. Always know that we are keeping tabs on the most important information and presenting it to you in dashboards, charts and reporting.

  • Track wide variety of CPU, memory, disk and network-related metrics
  • Record and alert on important information from syslogs
  • Keep an eye on uptime of your overall system

Virtual Machines Automation

Automation features for Azure Linux Virtual Machines allow you to setup pre-programmed activities that are always at work  to keep your system at optimal levels.

  • Auto-reboot your servers on a schedule or when issues happen
  • Scale or startup/shutdown your servers and resources on a schedule or with demand
  • Communicate to Azure Management API

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