Microsoft Azure Webapps Management


Azure Websites and Applications (Web Apps) are integral part of Microsoft’s Azure cloud application platform. Web Apps allow developers to easily and quickly deploy modern applications created in today’s most popular platforms such as .NET, PHP, Java, Python, Node.js, etc.

CloudMonix extends Azure Web Apps by providing comprehensive monitoring, sophisticated auto-scaling, automated recovery and customizable rule-based Web Job execution services

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Deep Insight

See how your Azure Web Apps are performing every minute of every hour.  Get alerted when errors occur.  Know when Web Jobs fail.

Automated Recovery

CloudMonix can automatically recycle a poorly performing Azure Web App or restart a failed Web Job

Azure Web Apps Monitoring

CloudMonix provides immediate insight into key metrics of Azure Webapps and Webjobs.  It allows to easily setup alerts with simple or complex criteria.

  • Track key performance metrics, such as CPU, RAM, Requests and more
  • Alert on Errors, outages and other conditions
  • Monitor continous and triggered Webjobs


Azure Web Apps Automation

Keep your Azure Websites applications working optimally by auto-scaling number of workers, automatically recovering malperforming Websites and kicking-off Webjobs when needed

  • Auto-scale Azure Webapps with a sophisticated rule-based engine that can consume load signals from anywhere in your Azure environment
  • Auto-restart Azure Webapps based on conditions that indicate an outage
  • Auto-kick-off Azure Webjobs based on criteria driven by metrics anywhere in your Azure environment

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