Azure Virtual Network Management

microsoft azure virtual network monitoring
Azure Virtual Network is Microsoft’s cloud-based private network service that allows for external networks to connect securely and privately to cloud resources running on Microsoft Azure platform.

CloudMonix extends Azure Virtual Networks by providing sophisticated mechanisms to monitor and automate private networks.   CloudMonix hooks into Azure Management API to provide insight into a variety of key metrics, uptime statuses, and more.  CloudMonix allows users to automate reconnection procedures thru its deep integration with Azure.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Outage Notification

Know right away when Azure Network Gateways disconnects for any reason.

Automatic Reconnection

Consistent connectivity is critical to uptime of applications and websites. CloudMonix can execute self-healing Azure Automation jobs when Azure VPN connections get dropped.

Virtual Network Monitoring

CloudMonix provides a unique set of monitoring features for Microsoft Azure Virtual Networks. Always know that we are keeping tabs on the most important information and presenting it to you in dashboards, charts and reporting.

  • Track Egress and Ingress
  • Know when Azure Gateways disconnects
  • Self-heal with on-demand Azure Automation

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