Microsoft Azure Automation Management

Azure Automation Service is a cloud-based scripting platform that can run Powershell-as-a-Service in Azure.

CloudMonix extends Azure Automation by providing comprehensive monitoring and dynamic execution of Automation Runbooks.

In addition to scheduled runbooks, CloudMonix can inspect a variety of different signals for deciding when to automatically kick off Automation runbooks.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Failure Notifications

Know if any Automation Runbooks error out as soon as failures happen.

Precise Execution

It is important that your Automation Runbooks execute only when needed. CloudMonix will put you back in control by allowing to kick off Runbook jobs as soon as conditions are right.

Azure Automation Monitoring

CloudMonix provides insight into latest status of all scheduled Runbooks and can let IT professionals know when runbooks fail.

  • Track Runbook execution history and metrics
  • Alert on failures
  • Monitor overall scheduled Runbook status

Azure Automation Management

Automate Azure Automation.  Keep your Azure systems working optimally by kicking off important Automation jobs to run as response to real-time conditions.

  • Execute powerful Automation Runbooks when conditions demand it

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